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HBO’s Game of Thrones: Top 5 Moments of Episode 10~Fire and Blood

And so it comes to an end. Season one of Game of Thrones proved that an adaptation doesn’t need to stray too far from the source material to be an entertaining, groundbreaking and exciting series. Episode 10 brings the first chapter (well, book actually) to a close and sets up some new surprises for the next season.  They gave us life (Dragons!) and death (Drogo) but what impacted us the most? Take a look…  Continue reading HBO’s Game of Thrones: Top 5 Moments of Episode 10~Fire and Blood

HBO’s Game of Thrones: Top 5 Moments of Episode 9~Baelor

Episode 9 of Game of Thrones is the one book fans have been dreading since the inception of the series.  It will forever be rememberd as [SPOILERS] the one where Ned dies, and everyone else pretends to be frat boys–The Night’s Watch chanting for Longclaw, the Hill Tribes chanting for the halfman, Tyrion, Shae, and Bronn playing drinking game in the middle of the night….Here are the…

Top 5 Moments of Episode 9~Baelor

5. Jorah Gets Lucky

Context: Drogo is near death after last week’s fight. One of his bloodriders does not take kindly to Dany’s use of blood-magic and threatens the Khaleesi and her unborn child. Jorah decides its time to put on his armor.

Jorah Mormont
If only that sword was Longclaw…

Reasoning: Jorah Mormont is a character who never jumped off the page for me, but Iain Glen brings the disgraced knight to life.  Although much of this episode’s Dany-centric plot was poorly paced (so…how far along is she?) this scene stands out.  Jorah shows his skill with a sword (and with a little luck) takes down the Dothraki rider with a swift slice to the face. We also see his willingness to protect Dany, even though he’s been spying for the crown. The Dothraki might be badass, but now they know why armor is a good idea. Continue reading HBO’s Game of Thrones: Top 5 Moments of Episode 9~Baelor

HBO’s Game of Thrones: Top 5 Moments of Episode 8~The Pointy End

The circumstances become dire in the George RR Martin penned 8th episode of Game of Thrones. Ned is arrested for treason, Robb goes to war, and Khal Drogo proves once and for all you don’t want to make him angry. Which scene tops the list?  Here are the…

Top 5 Moments of Episode 8~The Pointy End

5. Ned Talks to a Spider

Context: After an accusation of treason and the slaughter of all his men, Ned finds himself deep in the dungeons of the Red Keep.  Varys, the Spider, pays him an unexpected visit.

Varys Conleth Hill Ned Stark Sean Bean
This Spider isn't itsy-bitsy

 Varys: I trust you know you’re a dead man, Lord Eddard.

Reasoning: Varys asks one of the questions we were all dying to know the answer of. Why on Earth would Ned tell Cersei he knew the truth?  Ned answers in a truly Ned way.  It was mercy and honour and all those things that make Ned, Ned.  But in Westeros, truth, justice, and honour doesn’t mean success, and seeing the great Lord Eddard defeated in a dungeon brings that to the forefront of the series. Continue reading HBO’s Game of Thrones: Top 5 Moments of Episode 8~The Pointy End

HBO’s Game of Thrones: Top 5 Moments of Episode 6~A Golden Crown

Episode 6 of HBO’s Game of Thrones may have been the best episode so far. A Golden Crown was filled with drama, humour, and the first major character death (of many). Here are the…

Top 5 Moments of Episode 6~A Golden Crown

5. Viserys and the Dragon Eggs

Viserys: I am the last hope of a dynasty. The greatest dynasty this world has ever seen, on my shoulders since I was five years old, and no one has ever given me what they gave to her in that tent. Never. Not a piece of it.

Reasoning: We could have chosen the flashy weirdness of Dany’s horse heart eating scene (that’s a sentence I never thought I’d use) but the simple interaction between Viserys and Jorah says so much more than a blood covered Khaleesi ever could. George RR Martin’s books are special because of the complexity of even the most minor characters, but if any were to be described as one-note it would be Viserys.  This scene gives him a soul.  We see inside his madness to the jealous, sad, and weighted man underneath. He becomes human.  If we’d been given more time, who knows, maybe we’d come to like Viserys…okay, maybe not.

Continue reading HBO’s Game of Thrones: Top 5 Moments of Episode 6~A Golden Crown

GRRM’s Little Frog Returns: Casting Continues for Game of Thrones

Fans who having been following the production of HBO’s Game of Thrones from the beginning know what George RR Martin’s Froggy icon means–mischief. Martin entertained, confused (but rarely stumped) and surprised his fans during the previous casting sessions, with clues to roles and actors hired for the HBO drama. The frog made a brief return today when Martin posted:

I’ll be back soon, I will, I will.

This is the tease many fans have been waiting for. It seems HBO will continue to allow George RR Martin to toy with his fans with casting clues. After the series was greenlit for the first season, some wondered if the clues would stop; if HBO would crack down and make bigger and grander announcements. Sometimes they did and GRRM’s clue confirmations came from the likes of Mo Ryan, or the Hollywood Reporter. For other smaller roles, Martin was able to make the announcements himself.  It built a camaraderie within the fansites, and even surprised Mr. Martin a time or two with their sleuthing skills.  It’s wonderful that HBO will be allowing this again for the second season casting. Hopefully Game of Thrones newbies will have as much fun as the veterans this time around.

In the comments, GRRM adds:

Haven’t seen any auditions for Stannis yet, but I expect they are coming soon. But yes on Melisandre… and on Ygritte, Asha, Xaro Xhoan Daxos, Davos, Dolorous Edd, Margaery Tyrell, Brienne, and many more… as usual, Nina Gold has found some great actors for us.

It looks like Brienne, Asha, and Dolorous Edd (Yay!) are all in for season 2.  What character are you looking forward to most in the second season of Game of Thrones?  What actors are just so? Tell us in comments.

HBO’s Game of Thrones 1-5: Top 5 Daenerys Targaryen Moments

Daenerys Targaryen is a difficult part to play. She starts off as a meek young girl and grows into a Khaleesi of the Dothraki horse lords.  The actress playing her needs to be believable in both roles.  Fans were worried, and sceptical (and nitpicking about eye-brows), but newcomer, Emilia Clarke, has met all expectations. She’s vulnerable and strong and we can’t wait to see what else she can bring to the character.  For now, we’ve picked the

Top 5 Daenerys Moments

5. I Don’t Want to Be His Queen~Episode 1

 Dany: I don’t want to be his queen. I want to go home.
Viserys: So do I. I want us both to go home, but, they took it from us. So tell me sweet sister, how do we go home?
Dany: I don’t know.
Viserys: We go home with an army.

Reasoning: When we first meet Dany, she’s being sold off to Khal Drogo by her scheming brother Viserys (Harry Lloyd). This scene shows the dynamic between the two.  Emilia Clarke shows all of Dany’s fear and trepidation in her eyes and reaction to Viserys’ touch. Clarke and Lloyd play off of each other extremely well and are a joy to watch.  Continue reading HBO’s Game of Thrones 1-5: Top 5 Daenerys Targaryen Moments

HBO’s Game of Thrones 1-5: Top 5 Tyrion Lannister Moments

Say what you will about his accent, no one could play Tyrion like Peter Dinklage. Tyrion is humour and heart, wise and witty, and another character with a lot of good scenes to weed through before we came up with the…

Top 5 Tyrion Lannister Moments

5. Many Courses~Episode 1

 Jaime: See you at sundown
Tyrion: Close the door!

Reasoning: In Game of Thrones, whores and exposition go together like sword and sorcery. We meet Tyrion while he is being pleasured by the red-headed whore, Ros (Esme Bianco). He may be a dwarf (not the magical bearded kind) but he’s as lusty as any man and not afraid to experiment. Jaime interrupts his fun and the two have a little chat before Jaime ‘serves all the courses at once.’ This scene proves Game of Thrones isn’t children’s fantasy.

Continue reading HBO’s Game of Thrones 1-5: Top 5 Tyrion Lannister Moments