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HBO’s Game of Thrones: Top 5 Moments of Episode 9~Baelor

Episode 9 of Game of Thrones is the one book fans have been dreading since the inception of the series.  It will forever be rememberd as [SPOILERS] the one where Ned dies, and everyone else pretends to be frat boys–The Night’s Watch chanting for Longclaw, the Hill Tribes chanting for the halfman, Tyrion, Shae, and Bronn playing drinking game in the middle of the night….Here are the…

Top 5 Moments of Episode 9~Baelor

5. Jorah Gets Lucky

Context: Drogo is near death after last week’s fight. One of his bloodriders does not take kindly to Dany’s use of blood-magic and threatens the Khaleesi and her unborn child. Jorah decides its time to put on his armor.

Jorah Mormont
If only that sword was Longclaw…

Reasoning: Jorah Mormont is a character who never jumped off the page for me, but Iain Glen brings the disgraced knight to life.  Although much of this episode’s Dany-centric plot was poorly paced (so…how far along is she?) this scene stands out.  Jorah shows his skill with a sword (and with a little luck) takes down the Dothraki rider with a swift slice to the face. We also see his willingness to protect Dany, even though he’s been spying for the crown. The Dothraki might be badass, but now they know why armor is a good idea. Continue reading HBO’s Game of Thrones: Top 5 Moments of Episode 9~Baelor

HBO’s Game of Thrones 1-5: Top 5 Ned Stark Moments

For part 2 of our Game of Thrones recap, we take a look at the honourable and sometimes rigid Eddard Stark. Sean Bean was a fan favourite even before the show was cast, and lives up to expectations. morally good characters tend to come off as 1 note and boring but Bean’s Ned is nuanced and sympathetic. We see many sides of the stoic Lord Stark in the first 5 episodes. Let’s take a look at the…

Top 5 Ned Stark Moments

5. Beheading the Deserter~Episode 1

Ned: In the name of Robert of the house Baratheon, first of his name, king of the Andals and the first men, lord of the seven kingdoms and protector of the realm, I Eddard of the House Stark, Lord of Winterfell, and warden of the North, sentence you to die.

Reasoning: This scene was released as a 15 minute preview before the actual premiere. We saw it in a dozen promotions and trailers. When the first episode finally aired, I would bet my direwolf that I wasn’t the only one who could recite it verbatim.  Still, it is the perfect introduction to our heroic Lord Stark, and the cold cruelty of the North. He’s powerful, and unyielding, but takes no pleasure in what he has to do. From the get go we see he’s ruled by duty, honour, and family. Maybe he should have been born a Tully.

Continue reading HBO’s Game of Thrones 1-5: Top 5 Ned Stark Moments