Welcome to the Nerd Vortex, the one stop for everything nerdy, geeky, and down right strange.  Comics, television, movies, books-If it has a fandom we’ll cover it.  At the Nerd Vortex, we embrace our geek culture brethren and the connective geeky thread that runs through life.  Browse around. Enjoy yourself.  We’re all Geeks here. No one’s going to judge.

Jill Nagel: Jill is the creator/editor/web-mistress of The Nerd Vortex and a recent graduate of the Ryerson Book Publishing program.  She has been called the Nerd Vortex by family and friends and the name seems to have stuck. As well as blogging, Jill rants about comics on www.comicbookdaily.com and can be found about the internet discussing her favourite fandoms.

Have questions, comments, or ideas you’d like us to cover?  Send an email to nerdvortex at gmail dot com

One thought on “About”

  1. Hi there,

    We are currently updating our media list for Comic book media and I was hoping to get a bit more information from you such as circulation numbers and contact information.
    As well, do you do DVD/BD reviews for comics that have become films?

    Please let me know,


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