GRRM’s Little Frog Returns: Casting Continues for Game of Thrones

Fans who having been following the production of HBO’s Game of Thrones from the beginning know what George RR Martin’s Froggy icon means–mischief. Martin entertained, confused (but rarely stumped) and surprised his fans during the previous casting sessions, with clues to roles and actors hired for the HBO drama. The frog made a brief return today when Martin posted:

I’ll be back soon, I will, I will.

This is the tease many fans have been waiting for. It seems HBO will continue to allow George RR Martin to toy with his fans with casting clues. After the series was greenlit for the first season, some wondered if the clues would stop; if HBO would crack down and make bigger and grander announcements. Sometimes they did and GRRM’s clue confirmations came from the likes of Mo Ryan, or the Hollywood Reporter. For other smaller roles, Martin was able to make the announcements himself.  It built a camaraderie within the fansites, and even surprised Mr. Martin a time or two with their sleuthing skills.  It’s wonderful that HBO will be allowing this again for the second season casting. Hopefully Game of Thrones newbies will have as much fun as the veterans this time around.

In the comments, GRRM adds:

Haven’t seen any auditions for Stannis yet, but I expect they are coming soon. But yes on Melisandre… and on Ygritte, Asha, Xaro Xhoan Daxos, Davos, Dolorous Edd, Margaery Tyrell, Brienne, and many more… as usual, Nina Gold has found some great actors for us.

It looks like Brienne, Asha, and Dolorous Edd (Yay!) are all in for season 2.  What character are you looking forward to most in the second season of Game of Thrones?  What actors are just so? Tell us in comments.

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