HBO’s Game of Thrones 1-5: Top 5 Daenerys Targaryen Moments

Daenerys Targaryen is a difficult part to play. She starts off as a meek young girl and grows into a Khaleesi of the Dothraki horse lords.  The actress playing her needs to be believable in both roles.  Fans were worried, and sceptical (and nitpicking about eye-brows), but newcomer, Emilia Clarke, has met all expectations. She’s vulnerable and strong and we can’t wait to see what else she can bring to the character.  For now, we’ve picked the

Top 5 Daenerys Moments

5. I Don’t Want to Be His Queen~Episode 1

 Dany: I don’t want to be his queen. I want to go home.
Viserys: So do I. I want us both to go home, but, they took it from us. So tell me sweet sister, how do we go home?
Dany: I don’t know.
Viserys: We go home with an army.

Reasoning: When we first meet Dany, she’s being sold off to Khal Drogo by her scheming brother Viserys (Harry Lloyd). This scene shows the dynamic between the two.  Emilia Clarke shows all of Dany’s fear and trepidation in her eyes and reaction to Viserys’ touch. Clarke and Lloyd play off of each other extremely well and are a joy to watch. 

4. The Wedding Night~Episode 1

Reasoning: Now, hear us out. While, some people were upset by the brutality of Dany’s wedding night (which was quite different in the books) it is still a very memorable scene.  It emphasizes the culture shock and the difficult situation Dany has been forced into. Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa are great together. It’s another hard to watch scene, but it wouldn’t be Game of Thrones if everything was easy from our platinum blonde princess.

3. Dragons and the Moon~Episode 2

Dany: Can you teach me to make the Khal happy?
Doreah: Yes
Dany: Will it take 3 years?
Doreah: No.

Reasoning: As Dany’s confidence grows, so does Emilia Clarke’s performance. Dany and her handmaidens discuss the history of dragons until the Khaleesi dismisses all but one, a former pleasure slave (Roxanne McKee). Here, Dany takes the first step in controlling her own life.

2. Tell The Horde to Stop~Episode 3 


Dany: Tell him I don’t want my brother harmed.

Reasoning: Dany is coming into her own now. She commands the Horde to stop and walks off into the grassy fields. Viserys doesn’t take kindly to his sister’s growing confidence. and ends up with a Dothraki whip around his neck. Emilia plays Dany’s turmoil perfectly. She wants to stand up for herself but she has been under her brother’s control for her entire life, and it’s a difficult habit to break. Again, Lloyd and Clarke are fantastic.

1. Willing to take Hands~Episode 4

 Dany: I am a Khaleesi of the Dothraki. I am the wife of the great Khal and I carry his son inside me. The next time you raise a hand to be will be the last time you have hands.

Reasoning: The Dragon is awake, but it isn’t Viserys. Daenerys finally stands up for herself, after her brother threatens her and insults her new-found family. This is one of the moments fans have been waiting for. Strong female characters are few and far between in the fantasy genre and Daenerys Targaryen is steadily becoming one of the best.  At times HBO’s Dany is even more relatable than she was in the books. The girl is coming into her own now, which makes this our top choice. We assume it will get even better from here.

Don’t agree with this list?  What scenes did we miss?  Tell us in the comments.

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9 thoughts on “HBO’s Game of Thrones 1-5: Top 5 Daenerys Targaryen Moments”

  1. not working. rape not working. girl not working. should be 13. 13 makes the rape more culture-shocky, more “but I’m a girl!” and way way less “little miss victim.”
    A 17yrold has agency in ways that a 13 yr old does not. I don’t believe in movie Dany. At all.
    discuss 😉

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