HBO’s Game of Thrones: Top 5 Moments of Episode 6~A Golden Crown

Episode 6 of HBO’s Game of Thrones may have been the best episode so far. A Golden Crown was filled with drama, humour, and the first major character death (of many). Here are the…

Top 5 Moments of Episode 6~A Golden Crown

5. Viserys and the Dragon Eggs

Viserys: I am the last hope of a dynasty. The greatest dynasty this world has ever seen, on my shoulders since I was five years old, and no one has ever given me what they gave to her in that tent. Never. Not a piece of it.

Reasoning: We could have chosen the flashy weirdness of Dany’s horse heart eating scene (that’s a sentence I never thought I’d use) but the simple interaction between Viserys and Jorah says so much more than a blood covered Khaleesi ever could. George RR Martin’s books are special because of the complexity of even the most minor characters, but if any were to be described as one-note it would be Viserys.  This scene gives him a soul.  We see inside his madness to the jealous, sad, and weighted man underneath. He becomes human.  If we’d been given more time, who knows, maybe we’d come to like Viserys…okay, maybe not.

4. Tyrion VS Mord

Tyrion: Listen to me, listen to me. Sometimes possession is an abstract concept.

Reasoning: This was a great episode for Tyrion. Peter Dinklage shines every moment he’s on-screen.  Tyrion wakes at the edge of the sky cell and begins to craft his escape using the dutiful (yet dimwitted) Mord, played by Ciaran Birmingham. Really, this are two scenes (hey, this is our site and we can cheat if we want) but together they are comedic genius. Tyrion tries to educate Mord on the abstract concept of possession.  We get to watch the Imp talk his way out of prison while getting pummeled by the chubby jailor

3. Robert Honours Cersei

Cersei: I shall wear this like a badge of honour.
Robert: Wear it in silence or I’ll honour you again.

Reasoning: Robert can be a lovable drunk, but don’t test his temper (or tell him to wear a dress). Cersei crosses one foot over that line and receives a black eye for her remarks (really, who would believe Ned Stark would slink home drunk from a whore house?). Cersei refuses to let the insult show but leaves to let Robert and Ned have a chat. The interesting thing about this scene is that Robert immediately tells Ned he knows his actions weren’t kingly and that he shouldn’t have hit his wife. Another instance of Robert’s self-indulgence becoming his downfall.

2. Tyrion’s Confession

Tyrion: I once brought a jackass and a honeycomb into a brothel–

Reasoning: Oh, to be a fly on the wall in the Eyrie. In true Tyrion fashion, the Imp stands in front of his judges; a stone-faced Catelyn Stark, her bat-shit crazy sister Lysa, and little lord Robin (who seems to take after his mother), and confesses his  crimes. All of them. From the time he stole a servant girl’s dress to the time he “milked his eel” into his sister’s soup. He puts on a show but only Bronn ( and at times, Sweet Robin) are enjoying it.  Of course, when asked about Jon Ayrrn’s death and Bran’s unfortunate circumstances, he denies having anything to do with them and jumps into a speech about how unfair the Vale legal system is. We almost expect him to quote Shylock, “I am a Dwarf.  If you prick us do we not bleed?”  Still, this is Tyrion. I’m sure he’d have a different ‘prick’ in mind.

1. Viserys Gets His Golden Crown

 Daenerys: He was no dragon. Fire cannot kill a dragon

Reasoning: Viserys gets one of the best on-screen deaths in recent television history. A drunk Viserys pulls a sword on his pregnant sister and demands the crown he was promised (to be fair, he did have a deal). Khal Drogo doesn’t take kindly to his wife and son being threatened and agrees to Viserys’ demands, but not in the way the blonde-haired prince expected.  Drogo proceeds to melt his golden belt and pour it over Viserys’ head.  Jason Momoa is truly intimidating and Harry Lloyd plays Viserys’ fear and pain to perfection.  Emilia Clarke ends the episode on a superbly creepy note, making us wonder what the dragon princess is actually capable of. Congrats to Harry Lloyd for a truly fantastic performance.  He will be missed…even if Viserys won’t be.

Honourable Mention: Sansa Solves the Mystery

Sansa: I don’t want someone who’s brave and gentle and strong. I want him!

Reasoning: Sansa’s unintentionally hilarious line nearly bumped this scene into the top five. While Sansa doesn’t have the flash or smirk of Arya, Sophie Turner is doing a marvelous job bringing the spoiled, selfish, and utterly naive Stark daughter to life. Sansa is a hard character to like (Nobody understands a teenage girl) but Sophie plays every pout and eye-roll with honesty and dedication.

Don’t agree with this list?  What scenes did we miss?  Tell us in the comments.

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