We Want to Shine a Light on FanExpo’s Artist Alley: Submit Your Profile Today!

The Nerd Vortex wants to do what we can to support struggling artists and writers. That’s why we’re putting out a call to all of you who will be manning a table in Artist Alley at this year’s  FanExpo Canada. The Nerd Vortex wants to shine a spotlight on all of you who’ve paid for a table to hock your hard work because, let’s face it, anyone who has been to a convention knows some of the best (and most surprising) things are found in Artist Alley.

Just fill out our form (and by all means, add anything you think we’re missing) and send it to nerdvortex AT gmail DOT Com.   Depending on the number of submissions, we’ll be posting our Artist Alley Spotlights daily during the weeks leading up to FanExpo Canada, and will also have a companion piece featured on www.comicbookdaily.com

You’re worked hard and deserve the recognition. Hopefully we can get people excited about this year’s Artist Alley, and a little advertising never hurt anyone.  Spotlight Form after the cut…

Name (Table Name, Business Name, Product Name, Your Name):
Bio (As long as it needs to be. Will be posted in online, so make it good!):
Your Product (What will your table have?  Will you being doing commissions? Selling prints, jewellery,etc? What can we expect from your table?:
Genre (Comic, Scifi, fantasy, horror, etc.):
(If you want it published):
Pictures (We want samples of your work so we can get people excited!):

Feel free to add anything you’d like us to mention. We’re here to help!

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