A Bunch of Mad Casting: January Jones to Play Emma Frost and a New Angel

January Jones

Today, all our actresses are just ‘mad’ 

Variety has announced that Mad Men’s January Jones has signed a deal to play mutant Emma Frost in X-men: First Class.  It seems that earlier reports of Alice Eve may have jumped the gun.  Jones plays housewife Betty Draper the early 60s inspired television show.  Emma Frost has transformed in the comic books from socialite, White Queen of the Hellfire club, and enemy, to headmistress of Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters.  I have no idea which one she’ll be playing in this film. 

Yes, yes we have our Angel, but it’s not the Angel you all were hoping for.  21 year old, Zoe Kravitz, has 

Zoe Kravitz

 been cast as Angel.  While there are many angels in the x-men universe I assume this refers to Angel Salvadore, created for Grant Morrison’s New X-men run.  Zoe is the daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonnet, and will be seen in 2012’s Mad Max: Fury Road. 

Should I be mad?  Angel is another obscure character to add to the list.  Something smells fishy to me.  

Young actors Bill Milner, and Morgan Lily will play young Magneto and Mystique.

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