X-men: First Class gains a demon, a scientist, and a musketeer


Hello again, my patient followers.  After internet trouble, computer trouble, and a short but needed vacation, The Nerd Vortex is ready to bring you all of this week’s nerdy news.  And it’s good I’m back because X-men: First Class casting is really picking up–some expected and some…not so much.

Matthew Vaughn is a director who knows what he likes. If you’ve seen one of his films, you’ve probably seen Jason Flemyng’s face up on the screen.  With roles in Layer Cake, Stardust, and Kick-Ass, it was no surprise when he announced at London’s BFU movie convention that he would be in the latest mutant movie.  His character, however, is.  Flemyng told fans that he would be playing Azazel, another character requiring hours of make-up and a CGI tail (Flemyng seems to play a lot of these roles). 

So who is Azazel?  Like Darwin, he’s another recent addition to the X-men Universe.  Demon-like in

Jason Flemyng

 appearance, he’s an ancient mutant (biblically ancient) with the ability to teleport and create portals to other dimensions.  Oh yes, and he may very well be Nightcrawler’s father…you know…until they retcon that out.  I’m filling this with Darwin under “bizarre character additions.”  It seems strange to add characters that are neither recognizable to the movie going public nor favourites.  More importantly, I just can’t figure out how he’ll fit into a plot about the formation of the x-men.  I like Flemyng but he’s got his work cut out for him.  Singer, Vaughn, I hope you know what you’re doing, because you’re losing me.

Rose Byrne

In more logical casting, Rose Byrne has been cast as Scientist, and one time love interest of Charles Xavier, Moira MacTaggert.  The character was briefly portrayed by Olivia Williams in X-men: The Last Stand.  Byrne was recently nominated for an Emmy for her work on Damages.  She’s also earned her geek cred with roles in Troy, 28 Weeks Later, and Get Him to the Greek.

Like Rose Byrne, the newest actor cast, will not be playing a mutant (or so we’re told).  The only name given by Deadline is “The Man in Black” and we don’t think they’re talking about Johnny Cash.  And who better to play our mystery character than Oliver Platt.  Platt is currently starring in Showtimes’ new series ‘The Big C” with Laura Linney.  Looking through his resume I find it hard to narrow down, what type of role he’ll be playing in First Class. 

Could “Man in Black” be a clue?  Emma Frost, the White Queen, has already been confirmed.  Could Platt be playing one of the Black

Oliver Platt

pieces?  Is Jason Flemyng really playing a dimension hoping demon or is this all a ridiculous attempt to make us crazy?

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