Top Five Quotes: True Blood Season 3 Episode 7~Hitting the Ground

This week’s episode was shorter than usual, but it was still filled with some memorable scenes.  Here are today’s:

Top Five Quotes:  True Blood Season  3 Episode  7~Hitting the Ground

5. No More Lorena

Lorena: William, I love you
Sookie: You wouldn’t know love if it kicked you in the fangs! 

Context: Sookie finds Bill nearly dead at the hands of Lorena.  With his last ounce of strength, Bill holds down his maker with a silver chain and urges Sookie to stake her.

Why It Made The List: I think this is the angriest we’ve ever seen Sookie. She spits the line like venom.  Our blood-covered waitress hesitates to kill Lorena, but only until the vampire whispers her undying (pun intended) love for Mr. Compton once more.  Sookie snaps.  How dare this bitch love her man? Plus, the line leads to a pretty incredible blood geyser

4.  Jason

 Hoyt:  You alright?
Jason: It’s funny. I never really thought I was smart enough to get depressed, but here I am.
Hoyt: This still about Crystal?
Jason: I just got all these questions spinning around in my head. I don’t know what to do with them.
Hoyt: Like?
Jason: Well like, why is it that I barely know her but I already love her? And, who the fuck is that dick she’s living with and why would someone like her put up with that shit? And also, do you think she’s named after the champagne because I’m thinking she was.
Hoyt: Jay, she’s from Hotshot. She’s probably named after that keeps the whole town afloat.
Jason: No way.
Hoyt: I bet you a hundred to one that her middle name’s “Meth”

Context: Jason pines over Crystal while Hoyt gets dressed in the living room.

Why It Made The List: I love Jason when he’s stuck between being really sweet and really dumb.  This is one of those times.

3. Debbie’s Got a Gun

Sookie: Um, Alcide, I’ve been listening in and she ain’t exactly misrepresenting herself.
Debbie: Okay freak, your mind-reading shit’s getting real fucking old.
Alcide: Debbie! Debbie, look at me. Look at me. You loved me once. I know you did.
Debbie: I’d have given up everything for you, but you wouldn’t even give me a baby.
Alcide: Sorry.
Debbie: Sorry?  Whatever happened to ‘I don’t want to bring another one of our kind into the world’? 

Context:  Debbie walks in on Sookie, Tara, and Alcide trying to escape with Bill.  She pulls out a gun and Alcide tries to talk her down.

Why It Made The List: Debbie comes into her own with this episode.  Sure she’s a messed up were drug addict, but there is something underneath that’s been hurt.  This scene tells us a little more about Alcide.  He’s not just a good-looking werewolf, he’s a good-looking, self-hating werewolf.  He doesn’t want to believe how far gone Debbie is, and that makes this relationship all the more sad.

2. Alcide Can’t Pull the Trigger

Debbie: So what’s it going to be, sweetheart?  You gonna to kill me too?  You fucking better, cause if you don’t I’ll sniff you out. I will. I will come after you, and I will hunt you down. 

 Context: Alcide shoots Coot and the girls load Bill into the truck.  Debbie gives Alcide and ultimatum.

Why It Made The List: This is the first time in the season I actually believed Debbie could do some harm.  She’s wild and the way she said this threat proves she meant it.  Props to Brit Morgan for giving life to a character that could have just turned into a joke.

1.  Russell States His Case

Russell: There is only one law, the law of nature. The survival of the fittest. And we need to take this world back from humans not placate them with billboards and PR campaigns, while they destroy it. That is not authority.  That is abdicating authority.

Context: Eric, Russell, and Sophie-ann free Pam from the Magister.  Russell forces the Magister to marry him to the Queen of Louisiana, and tells him there is a new authority in town.

Why It Made the List: This speech outlines just what Russel plans to do.  He wants to shake up the vampire establishment and change the world view.  He won’t let bureaucrats stand in his way. The frustration, anger and purpose in his voice makes it the #1 quote of this week.

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Top Five Quotes: True Blood Season 3 Episode 7~Hitting the Ground

2 thoughts on “Top Five Quotes: True Blood Season 3 Episode 7~Hitting the Ground”

    1. Russell is a very enjoyable character, and he is far more charismatic than Marayan ever was. Moreover, the actor playing him is doing a fantastic job, he had me rooting for Russell to accomplish whatever plans he has by the last scene of the episode.

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