Casting Clues and Odds and Ends

Game of Thrones

It’s another busy week for Game of Thrones.  George RR Martin has been working diligently on A Dance With Dragons, but took some time out to give yet another set of casting clues. 

You’re too dumb to make this soup the way they’re making it in Belfast. Start with Becky, Tom, and Boss. Take away two fathoms. Now you want the second course. In the dark the breaker of rocks seeks the living stone. But take away the fat guy with six wives, and the babe with the bumbershoot as well, that salty wench. Out, out. What’s left tastes good, but just remember, there is no gamecock in aurochs stew. IMDB? What’s that? I’m Dumb Boy? Won’t help you here, no way, no how.

GRRM upped his game on this one, but still the detectives narrowed it down to Mark Stanley.  Martin confirmed the guess via his blog.  Fans believe Stanley is a student at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, although this is not certain.  He will be playing Grenn. With so few parts left to cast, I will be sad to see the clues end.

Filming is already in progress and cast members are heading to Belfast.  Conan Stevens (Gregor Clegane) blogs that he is on his way for training and fittings, Luke McEwan tweets that he will be filming soon, and a picture of Sean Bean and Mark Addy out on the town has surfaced. 

Now how long until we get actors in costume?

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