Hasbro’s Comic Con Exclusives: Toys I Want But Can’t Have

Ah, convention exclusives.  Yet another reason to spend your money.  If seeing celebrities, talking to your favourite writers/artists, and immersing yourself in nerd culture wasn’t enough, conventions are a geek-shoppers best friend (or worse enemy depending on your bank account).  Conventions bring together booths and booths of retailers, trying to sell you everything and anything that you could possibly want.  Pick up trade paperbacks for less than cover price.  Dig through bins of back issues to find that single title you’ve been missing.  Buy original artwork from pros and semi-pros in artist alley.  In a blink of an eye your wallet is empty…but you have a lot of stuff.With so many things to buy, companies have to do their best to compete.  This means Comic Con exclusives!  Special treasures that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Limited edition prints, toys, busts, and comics, all ready and waiting for you to purchase.  I’m not immune to the wonders of Comic Con exclusives. I just couldn’t say no to the  ‘Future Hiro’ Heroes action figure a few years back (before the show shrivelled up and died), or the Alex Ross Fanexpo X-men #500.  I even have the Diamond Select  ‘Mohawk Storm Bust’ from San Diego.   As a toy fanatic, I was anxious to see what Hasbro has put out this year.  Let’s take a look. 

Iron Man 2 Mighty Mugg

Special Edition”Iron Man 2″ Mark VI Mighty Mugg I have a soft spot for these vinyl/plastic absurdities. 
This Mugg is styled after the Mark VI movie suit and is
packaged in commemorative gold foil…because it’s special.
While the detailing is splendid, and any Muggs collector
would be glad to have it, I just can’t help but feel it is too
similar to the Iron Man 2 Mark VI Mighty Mugg, found at
Toys R Us (which I have).  Sure, the repaint of these toys
are what’s important, but a little silver detailing isn’t enough
for me hand over another $20.  

Super Hero Squad 3 Pack

Special Edition  Marvel Super Hero Squad 3-Pack
I’ve been collecting these silly little figures since their launch in 2007.  To me, they have the same appeal as the Mighty Muggs. They’re cute, they’re strange, and they make me laugh.  I’ve never watched the cartoon, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting this set. The weird little man (that looks like he stepped out of the Tick cartoon) is the Mayor of Superhero City, and voiced by none other than Stan Lee. Sure, I already have 6 or 7 Iron Man Super Hero Squad toys, but really, Dr. Doom in a bath-robe is too much to pass-up.

Special Edition Marvel Universe 3.75″ Action Figures
Habro is also selling 3 new additions to the Marvel Universe 3.75″ Action Figure Line: Spider-man (with movie stylings), Thor (from Ages of Thunder comic series), and Captain America (in World War II Gear).   The Special Edition Marvel Universe figures will feature box art from Marvel Editor-in-Chief, Joe Quesada. 

  Special Edition Marvel Universe 19″ Galactus Figure

And last, but not least, the Marvel Universe series hits the big time with a 19″ Galactus Figure!  It too comes with special edition Joe Quesada box art and will scare off the rest of your Marvel Universe collection with a variety of lights and sounds. It also boasts as being Hasbro’s biggest single-carded action figure ever! You know you want one.




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