Top Five Quotes: True Blood Season 3 Episode 5 ~Trouble

Due to technical problems, I didn’t get a chance to post Top Five Quotes: True Blood Season 3 Episode 4.  Don’t worry.  In time, I’ll make it up to you.  Until then enjoy…

Top Five Quotes:  True Blood Season 3 Episode 5 ~Trouble

5. Russell pays Franklin

Russell: As always, the deposit will go to your trust account
Franklin: But I want cash.
Russell: Last time you had any real money you ended up at the slots in Biloxi, slaughtering a church group of elderly women.
Franklin: They wouldn’t let me have a turn.
Russell: Why are you dragging another girl around?  So sloppy. I’m tired of cleaning up after you.
Franklin: This one is spectacularly different.
Russell: Hmm…
Franklin: She’s such a fucking disaster.  We could be twins.  The attraction is electric.

Context: Franklin gives Russell the file from Bill’s house and they discuss payment, Bill, and Franklin’s issues.

Why It Made The List: This exchange proves what the audience has suspected all along, Franklin is completely unstable.  We know it.  Russell knows it, and Franklin himself knows it. 

4.  Lorena likes Mind Games

 Lorena: I let you play your little game of hard-to-get. It’ll be that much sweeter when you’re mine again.
Bill: You know, Russell was right.  You’re not very smart. You played yourself into a corner, you tiresome cow.

Context: Bill has had it with Lorena and doesn’t mind saying it to her face.

Why It Made The List:  Is it me or is Steven Moyer playing Bill completely differently this season?  He’s less stiff.  Bill’s being pulled in so many directions and you can see he’s tired.  He just tells Lorena what most of us are thinking.

3. Franklin loves Tara

Franklin: Do you like your new gown?
Tara: Um…Yes.
Franklin: I picked it out especially for my lover.
Tara: Thank you so much.
Franklin: Even when I’m away from you I can feel your flesh, moulded to me. That’s how close we are now.
Tara [almost crying]: That’s really sweet.
Franklin [laughs]: I know.  I almost forgot. you have  a text message. [reads]  Bitch where are you? You said no boyfriends.  Who is he?  Who’s Lafayette? [lunges at Tara] I’ll rip your throat out!
Tara [being choked]: He’s my cousin…and…and he’s gay.
Franklin [releases her smiling]: Oh, how do I get rid of him? How about, um…I’m busy bitch? No,bitch.  He wrote bitch. Too many bitches. Hooker?  In his other messages he calls you hooker.  Hoo-Kah.  Not hookah, it’s a water pipe.
Tara: T…tell him I’m okay.  Say, trust me motherfucka.
Franklin: Trust me motherfucka.  Brilliant. Hey Tara, watch how fast I type motherfucka.  It’s cool right?
Tara: Yeah…amazing.
Franklin: I’ll delete it so you can watch again.  Look…look at me.  Love you.

Context: While Tara is tied to a bed, Franklin tries to text back Lafayette.

Why It Made The List: James Frain impersonating Lafayette is priceless.  If this entire list isn’t Franklin quotes I’m going to be amazed.  Franklin is an unstable mix of confused child and serial killer.  He smiles happily and talks about love while a terrified Tara shakes on the bed.  Plus, he does have some fantastic texting skills.

2. Tara needs to talk

Tara: We need to talk
Franklin: Don’t say that.  Women say that, everything goes black, and I wake up surrounded by body parts.

 Context: Tara tries to explain to explain to Franklin that she’s human and needs specific things; like food, and not day lilies.

Why It Made The List: In this simple exchange, Tara is fighting.  She’s using Franklin’s madness to survive and plays to it.  Franklin’s response isn’t a threat.  He says it more like a fact that he can’t do anything about, which makes it all that much more funny.

1.  Why Tara Why?

Franklin [screams]: Why?!  Tara, Why?
Tara: I..I..was afraid.
Franklin: Of me?  You were afraid of me? That’s insane?
Tara: But you tied me up.
Franklin: To keep you safe. Oh my god, what other reason could there be? [Sobs]  You have no idea how much you’ve hurt me. I feel like I’ve been staked.
Tara: I’m sorry Franklin. It’s my fault.  My head is all confused. Can you forgive me? It’s not you I’m afraid of.  It’s this place.  All the other vampires. They’re the ones who scare me.
Franklin: I’ll never let them touch you.

Context: After escaping, the werewolf brings Tara back to Franklin.  Franklin is distraught.

Why It Made the List: Wow, is Franklin an emotional mess.  He’s screaming and sobbing, all because Tara left him.  Tara realizes her best plan of action is to go along with the madness.  While Pam is being held captive, Franklin is definitely on the top of my secondary characters list.  I failed at bringing you a diverse list this week.  I apologize.

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