Oliver Powell gives Game of Thrones fans a Guard Captain and an Old Knight

Actor, tweeter, and fantasy fan, Oliver Powell, has reached out to the Game of Thrones fan base this week.  With George RR Martin away, we feared our trickle of casting news would dry up.  This was not the case.  Powell, who auditioned for thrones, seems to have inside information and eager to share it. 

Jamie Sives


Our Captain of the Guard is fan favourite Jory Cassel.  The loyal Stark guardsman will be played by Jamie Sives.  You may have seen Sives in this years remake of Clash of the Titans, Get him to the Greek, or bizarre Viking movie Valhalla Rising.  He was previously cast by Nina Gold in Triage, starring  Colin Farrel, and played along side Game of Thrones’ Benjen Stark (Joseph Mawle) in The Passion, as Apostle John. 

Ian McElhinney


Powell has also revealed the casting of Ian McElhinney as Barristan ( The Bold) Selmy. McElhinney is no stranger to stage and screen and has ever sat in the director’s chair a time or two.  He was nominated for a Tony in 2001.  He too was cast in Triage, as well as the romantic comedy Leap Year.  No stranger to period pieces, McElhinney has appeared in the critically acclaimed Little Dorrit mini-series, The Tudors, and Horatio Hornblower

Congratulations to the new cast members and thanks to Oliver Powell for this information.

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