Game of Thrones Casts Rast, Syrio, and Sam

Game of Thrones begins filming at the end of this month.  It’s about time we heard some more casting news.  Rast, Syrio, and Sam are the latest roles to be filled, and confirmed.

Luke McEwan


Luke McEwan will play Rast, a member of the Night’s Watch, sent to the wall for rape.  McEwan was trained at the Oxford School of Drama, and has experience working on the stage.  Although a relatively unknown actor, McEwan will play antagonist to Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) and another new addition to the cast, Sam Tarly.

John Bradley-West


Sam will be played by John Bradley-West.  Bradley-West will graduate the Manchester Metropolitan University School of Theatre on July 16.  The school itself broke the casting news in an article published on their website.  Our newly appointed Sam describes the character as “basically a downtrodden lad who, without giving too much away, comes good in the end.”  Sam was one of Bradley-Wests first auditions out of acting school and he may already have his big break.  George RR Martin perviously stated there were two or three really great auditions for Sam that they had to choose between.  I can’t wait to see John tackle the role. 

Miltos Yerolemou


Last, but not least, Miltos Yerolemou will be playing everyone’s favourite Water Dancer, Syrio Forel.  While many assumed Syrio would be cast older (fan sites suggested the likes of Patrick Stewart and Ben Kingsley), Yerolemou seems to have the physicality and down right quirkiness to make Ayra’s teacher memorable.  Take a look at his Show Reel and judge for yourself.

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