X-men First Class: Multiple Man and a 17 year old

Alex Rzechowicz

No more confirmations yet, but we do have a few more twitter updates

Anne Rzechowicz tweets:

Alex is back in LA. Callback for Power Rangers tomorrow and audition for Xmen. Go Alex!!!! Not bad for a 17 year old living by himself in LA

The Alex in question is her son Alex Rzechowicz, who can be found HERE  He’s worked on tv and film project before but at such a young age, is just beginning his career. 

Who could he be auditioning for?

Comicbookmovie.com has rumoured that Jamie Madrox will be joining First Class.  Multiple Man, mostly associated with the X-factor comic books, has seen in X-men: The Last Stand, played my Eric Dane (Grey’s Anatomy).  Emma Frost, Banshee, Multiple Man, Cyclops: It’s gearing up to be an interesting first class, indeed. I’ve learned two things today. 1. This is clearly not going to be the original X-men 2. Power Ranger seems to still exist.

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