X-men: First Class Rumors~ Banshee, Caleb Landry Jones, Erica Hosseini

Erica Hosseini

Today we have another batch of hopefuls rumoured for X-men: First Class.  What did we do before twitter?  How did we find things out?  Now we know when young models brush their teeth, wash their hair, and go for auditions.  Eric Hosseini tweets

Just got a call to audition for a new mutant character in the next X-MEN movie! This should be interesting…

‘New mutant character’ could mean many things, someone we haven’t seen before, someone they’ve made up for the movie, and actual character from New Mutants.  Only the powers that be know.

The Latino Review swears the contenders for the role of Banshee have been narrowed down and the front-runner is a young man named Caleb Landry Jones.  Jones has previously played small roles in some high-profile projects (Boy on Bike #2 in No Country for Old Men).  Like all actors, he’s looking for his big break.  It seems, Banshee will be one of the class in this adaptation of the comic.  I would have thought he would be of age with Emma Frost, as they ran the Massachusetts academy together, in the comics.  If X-men: First Class is following the previous movie’s continuity,  Banshee’s enrollment in the school makes sense.  We see his screaming daughter Siryn in the first three X-movies.  Lets hope they keep him Irish.

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