Top Five Quotes: True Blood Season 3 Episode 3 ~It Hurts Me Too

So that was a WTF episode. Weird hypnotic vampire sex, weird neck-breaking vampire sex… The action of Episode three stole the show away from the writing, but there were still some good character moments.  What do people have to say in…

Top Five Quotes:  True Blood Season 3 Episode 3 ~It Hurts Me Too

5. Eric Doesn’t like Werewolves

Eric: I got your rug all wet.

Context: A were breaks into Sookie’s house.  Eric rips out his throat.

Why It Made The List:  Eric is perfecting the understatement. Blood drips from his mouth and down his chin, onto the back of the intruder.  There were many other, more appropriate, things to say;  ‘hmmm, I’ve brutally murdered a werewolf’ ‘ ‘We’ve got another dead body to deal with,’ but nope just, ‘I got your rug all wet.’

4. Talbot is attached to his rug

Russell: We’ll find a way to clean it up
Talbot: Hmm.
Russell: Or, we put a planter or two in front of it and we’ll hide the burn marks. Really, it’s like Armageddon in here any time  someone chips a dessert glass

Context: Lorena is put out with the use of Talbot’s Celtic Tapestry.  He’s not happy with the King of Mississippi’s method of fire extinguishing.

Why It Made The List: Even after hundreds and thousands of years, some vampires really like personal possessions.  Forget about the burning vampire, what about my rug? Priorities people. Russel rolls his eyes at his lover but talks him out of a frenzy.  He’s calm logical, and knows when things are getting a little bit silly. It tells us a lot about the King of Mississippi. And clearly no one cares about Lorena.
3. I’m too old for this shit

 Sheriff Dearborne: I quit.
Andy Bellefleur: Bud, wait up.  Where’re you going?
Sheriff Dearborne: Did you hear me? I Quit! I’ve had it with this shit. Every time we clear one murder two more spring up. It’s like crabgrass.
Kenya: We need you to sign the report.
Sheriff Dearborne: You sign it, or you, I don’t care. [takes off gun and radio] Take this crap, all of it. Forty-three years and what have I got to show for it? Gaps in my brain and polyps in my ass. I don’t need this horse-shit!

Context: A headless, bloodless, body is found by the road-crew. Bud, Andy and Kenya are sent to investigate.

Why It Made The List: Poor Bud Dearborne.  He had a nice quiet life in a small town, then everything went to hell. Rene, Maryann, now a dead body in ditch, his little world is turning upside down.  If you were the sheriff of True Blood’s Bon Temps would you react differently?

2. Arlene tries to tell Terry the truth

 Terry: Oh my god! We’re going to have a baby?
Arlene: Yes we are. You’re going to be a daddy.
Terry: Woo!
Arlene: Only lets not tell anybody just yet
Terry: Woo! Woohoohoo! Uh..uh…Thank you! Thank you, baby! I never dreamed in my life I could be so happy. Thank you for making my life mean something

Context: Arlene find out Terry can’t be the baby’s daddy and decides to come clean about it, but things end up going differently

Why It Made The List: Terry and Arlene are one of my favourite couples on the show.  They’re both a little off in their own way. The pure joy and innocents show by Terry in this scene is brilliant. Arlene is torn because she doesn’t want to hurt him but knows the truth will come out eventually. Terry’s woo! solidify it on this week’s list.

1.  Franklin shows his true colours

Jessica: So, how do you know my name?
Franklin: It’s my job. I find things
Jessica: What sorta things?
Franklin: Anything that needs finding. Do you have anything like that?
Jessica: Well, um…Bill Compton.He owns this place. He’s been gone for days. I can’t even reach him on his phone.
Franklin: Yes, him too, but um, I was thinking of somebody else. Think hard. Has anyone else gone missing, lately?
Jessica: [Shakes her head]
Franklin: Maybe this will jog your memory. [Pulls a head out of a shopping bag]
Jessica: [Screams]
Franklin: So you do know him!

Context: Franklin comes to talk to Jessica after the body in her basement mysteriously disappears

Why It Made the List: I could continue to quote this entire scene.  Later, Franklin uses the head as a puppet and reenact his and Jessica’s meeting with the trucker. James Frain has added a little more danger to season three, but with a smirk and a wink.  He knows he’s dangerous, and toys with people.  That’s what he’s doing to Jessica here.  He could outright threaten her, but instead he watches and waits, seeing what she’ll do first.  It seems like a game, and I like watching it.

Honourable Mention: 

Bill: We can never love humans without bringing suffering upon them.

Why It Nearly Made It: It’s clearly the theme of this episode.

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