Alice Eve in Negotiations for Emma Frost

Alice Eve

Deadline and the hollywood Reporter are reporting that British actress Alice Eve is in talks to play Emma Frost in X-men: First Class. Not a stranger to Marvel fans, Eve’s name circled the Captain American casting rumours until the casting of Hayley Atwell.  It seems Emma Frost’s appearance in X-men: First Class is more than just a rumour.  The question is, to what purpose?  Alice Eve (She’s out of my League) is 28.  Will she play younger and be a student of Xavier and Magneto’s or will she play a contemporary of the Mutant duo?  While Emma Frost was of similar age to Cyclops and Jean Grey in the comics, she’s always been an authority figure, whether as the White Queen in the Hellfire club, Head Mistress of the Massachusettes acedemy, or Cyclop’s right hand leading the X-men.  It will be interesting to see which direction Matthew Vaughn and Bryan Singer take this character.  Alice Eve looks like a young Emma Frost in my eyes. If cast, Eve will join James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, and Benjamin Walker, in the mutant prequel.

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