Will Jackson helm the Hobbit?

Peter Jackson

The Hobbit movies have had more than their share of problems getting off the ground.  Legal, and rights issues have put the project far behind schedule, making fans questions whether the Lord of the Rings prequels will ever see the big screen.  Another blow was struck when director, Guillermo del Toro, dropped out last month.  Many were excited to see what the genius behind Pan’s Labyrinth could do with the fury footed protagonists, but it was not to be.  del Toro’s strengths with animatronics and magical creatures made him a perfect choice to follow Peter Jackson.  With his departure, who else could fill the position?  how about Peter Jackson himself?  The man who directed the award winning Lord of the Rings films, and working producer on the Hobbit films, is in talks to direct, according to the Wall Street Journal. Jackson set the tone with the first three films, and it would be fitting for him to continue.  Although nothing has been finalized, we hope to hear more news soon.  Slowly the Hobbit project is moving forward.

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