Confirmation: Roy Dotrice and Kristian Nairn to play ‘Game of Thrones’

Roy Dotrice

And the fans have done it again, cracking Martin’s clues in record time.  George RR Martin confirmed yesterday, what clue-solving fans already suspected.

Veteran of stage, and screen, Roy Dotrice will play Grand Maester Pycelle, in HBO’s Game of Thrones.  Dotrice won a BAFTA in 1967 for his role as Albert Haddock in ‘Misleading Cases’, and a Tony in 2000 for ‘A Moon for the Misbegotten.’  The geek community may know him better as King Balor in Hellboy 2, the voice of Destroyer in the 1997 Spider-man  cartoon, and Zeus in the Hercules/Xena franchises.  Of course, Game of Thrones fans known him best as the voice of the audiobooks.  Dotrice has worked with George RR Martin before, in the television series Beauty and the Beast, staring Linda Hamilton and Ron Pearlman.  Earlier in the casting process, GRRM revealed Pycelle, the King’s Landing Maester, had been cut out of the pilot and  if/when the pilot went to series they had a world-class actor attached to the part.  Even then, fans pointed to Dotrice.  It seems they were right all along.

Hard work pays off for Kristian Nairn.  Nairn who is most notably a DJ has little acting experience but put his all into his audition for the ambling giant, Hodor.  He may not have much to say, but Hodor is not an easy role.  In fact, Nairn will spend a great deal of time carrying around Isaac Hempstead-Wright (cast as Bran Stark).  The gentle giant is not only friend to the boy, but also a mode of transportation.
Nairn proved to most fans that he was up for the challenge in a leaked audition tape, in which he ambles around with a boy on his shoulders, lifts tables, and recites the only line he’ll need to know. Hodor!

George tells us these are the first of many new additions to the Game of Thrones cast and to continue to check his [Nota]blog, Hollywood Reporter, Mo Ryan (Chicago tribune), and HBO’s official Game of Thrones site, for more casting information soon.

He also sneaks in another clue for those paying attention.  He says

Watch this space. Watch ALL those other spaces too, especially if you’re a fan of Harper Lee.

Harper Lee is the author of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.’  It seems our Littlefinger has been chosen.

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