Wil Wheaton Joins Forces with Jinx for Nerdy T-shirt Goodness

Actor and writer, Wil Wheaton, has delved into the world of fashion. No, he’s not designing evening wear or sending stick-thin models down a runway.  He’s doing exactly what he should be-Designing nerdy t-shirt for the masses.  The collaboration with Jinx came about after a google search, twitter poll, and a lunch meeting (all which detailed on Wheaton’s fantastically entertaining blog).  The result?

‘My Sword Glows Blue in the Presence of Rules Lawyers’, comes in both male and female sizes and is the first of 4 tees designed by the former ensign, qhich will be released over the next 4 weeks.  If all goes well there will be more designing in Wil Wheaton’s future.   Wheaton continues to prove he’s ‘Just a Geek’ and I for one can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.  Order your shirts at Jinx.com.

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