Confirmed: Game Of Thrones has found their Loras

Finn Jones

Earlier this week ,we heard rumours that Finn Jones was up for the role of Loras Tyrell in HBO’s Game of Thrones.  Today we know for sure.  George R R Martin, author of the Song of Ice and Fire book series has confirmed on his [NotA] Blog that Finn Jones is our Knight of Flowers saying:

We have our Knight of Flowers. The part of Ser Loras Tyrell in the HBO series GAME OF THRONES will be played by Finn Jones.
Jones is a talented young British actor whose previous credits include the long-running British soap opera HOLLYOAKS and a cop show called THE BILL. I haven’t seen either of those myself, but I have seen Finn’s audition for Ser Loras (the scene where Loras confront Jaime and Brienne at the gates of the Red Keep), which was terrific.

Martin assures fans that more casting news could be right around the corner. Five or Six other roles are in the final stages of negotiations but his lips are sealed until the deals are finalized.

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