Benjamin Walker and Jasmine Dustin Rumoured for X-men: First Class

Jasmine Dustin
Benjamin Walker

Another day, another batch of casting rumours.  The first comes from (of all places) the New York Times.  It appears, acclaimed musical Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson’s future is in question. The Jacobs Theatre has offered the show an on broadway home.  The catch?  Their young star, Benjamin Walker, has been offered a new job in the upcoming X-men movie.  While no character was specified (because one doubts they were allowed to speak of this at all), fans are assuming from Walker’s look and age he could be a good choice for the (pre) blue-haired Beast.   Walkers film credits include Kinsey as a young Liam Neeson, and Flags of Our Fathers.  His impressive theatre credits include the Broadway revival of  Inherit the Wind, Les Liaisons Dangereuses, and Spring Awakening. Walker graduated the Julliard Actor Training Program in 2004.

Our second rumour comes from the 140 character world of Twitter.  Jasmine Dustin writes:

On my way to my X-men audition…I think I can pull off Rebbecca Romijin’s character…just a younger version. Wish me luck

So we have another actress/model in the running for Mystique. Dustin has had small roles in Iron Man 2 and Tropic Thunder.  Can she follow in Romijin’s shoes?  I guess we’ll see.

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