The Smurfs are back…and I’m Terrified

Hank Azaria

I have fond memories of the smurfs.  Smurf toys, smurf clothes, and every christmas my brother and I would watch “Baby Smurf’s First Christmas,” on an old worn out VHS tape, taped off the television, tracking lines and all.  Grandpa and Sassy Smurf (was that really her name) brought christmas to poor, sickly old woman, while two other smurfs (Bitchy with glasses smurf?) taught a greedy thief a moral lesson.  And Baby has his first christmas.
I was surprised when I heard a live action smurf movie was in the works, but I let the thoughts fade into other fandoms and possible (but not likely) my real and actual life.  That was until today.  Behold the first Image of THE SMURFS


What is that?!?  Forget  Hank Azaria Gargamel (which is pretty scary on its own), Papa smurf looks like he wants to devour our brains! Smurfs were ridiculous to begin with but…but…

The teaser trailer for The Smurfs is supposed to run in front of Toy Story 3, with a July 2011 release.  They’ve corralled a collection of talent for this bizarre piece of film including Neil Patrick Harris, Jayma Mays, Katy Perry, Sofia Vergara, Anton Yelchin, Alan Cumming and Jeff Foxworthy.  I’m still terrified.

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