What have you ‘Heard’ about X-men: First Class?

According to Production Weekly, our favourite blue shape-shifter may be gracing our screens once again.  20th Century Fox has shown interest in casting Amber Heard (The Joneses, Pineapple Express) as Mystique (formerly played by Rebecca Romijin). 

Production Weekly also sheds some light on previous casting rumours.  Rosamund Pike may actually be in the running to play Moira MacTaggert, not Emma Frost (which makes sense).  In the comics, Moira (briefly played by Olivia Williams in X-men: The Last Stand) was a colleague, and former lover of Xavier. Later she developed a mutant research centre on Muir Island.   Moira seems to be a good fit for this movie. With rumours of Moira and Mystique it is clear the powers that be are heavily focussing on Magneto, Xavier and their relationships.  I’m on board so far.

Finally, it appears Michael Fassbender has declined a screen test for the part of Magneto.  While I believed he could do justice to the character, I have faith that Matthew Vaughn and his casting directors will find someone great to play the Master of Magnetism.  Casting continues.

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