True Blood Sunday! Will We Get a Surprise?

Season 3 of True Blood starts Sunday June 13th and I’ve been gearing up all week: Watching interview, re-watching seasons 1&2, I even started reading the Sookie Stackhouse books.  Summer tv is usually lack lustre, filled with reality tv and little else. HBO has known for a while what the other networks are just now figuring out–it may be warm outside, but we’re still going to watch tv.

In this season, Sam Merlotte [SPOILER] isn’t the only shape-shifter.  Sookie finds herself more deeply entrenched in the supernatural as she befriends Alcide, one of many werewolves in the Bon Temps area [SPOILER].  Promising more of what we love, season 3 will be filled with sex, violence, and ridiculous vampire fun.

If that weren’t enough, HBO tweeted an interesting note: 

HBO: Tuning in for tomorrow’s #TrueBlood premiere? Turn your TV on at 8:45 for a very special pre-show no HBO fan will want to miss. #GOT

What’s this?  We’ve already heard tell that they’ll be airing the new trailer for upcoming show Boardwalk Empire, staring Steve Buscemi, and Kelly MacDonald (which can be seen HERE on  Could that be it?  Will HBO give 15 minutes for the 1:30 minute trailer.  My guess is they have a few surprises for their subscribers.  True Blood behind the scenes? Cast interviews?  A look at Entourage?  And what of the funny little tag at the end of the post?   Could George RR Martin fans be getting a surprise?  HBO series Game Of Thrones is slated to air later next year and while filming commences at the end of next month, the pilot was shot in November. Casting changes may limit the available footage, but rumour says a trailer has been shown to insiders (Thanks to WiC). All is speculation for now.  I would be happy with a title image, or series regular in costume.  We’ll have to see what HBO has in store for us tomorrow night at 8:45.

Until then, Catch up with True Blood season 1&2 with this video from HBO

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