Rosamund Pike for Emma Frost? What does it all mean?

Rumours are circling that Rosamund Pike (Die Another Day, Pride and Prejudice)  is the running to play telepath, and wearer of limited clothing, Emma Frost, in X-men: First Class.   The English actress was spotted near the offices of casting director Lucinda Syson, who has worked with director Matthew Vaughn on his previous projects. 

X-men fans have seen Emma Frost on Screen before.  Finola Hughes played the White Queen in the magnificent tv movie Generation X, and Tahyna Tozzi played the diamond encrusted Emma in X-men Origins: Wolverine.  This raises the question: Will First Class’s Emma be the same one we saw in Origins?  Although Pike has not been confirmed in the role, her involvement suggests not.  Origin’s Emma was in similar age to Cyclops, capable of turning into diamonds, and sister to Kayla Silverfox.  Pike, on the other hand, is of age with newly confirmed Charles Xavier, James McAvoy. 

It wouldn’t surprise me if Emma was aged up in the newest X-men film.  Before departing the X-men franchise to Superman Returns, director Bryan Singer revealed plans to include Emma Frost in his draft of X-men 3.  His choice of actress?  Sygourney Weaver.  Slightly unconventional, Weaver would put Emma’s age closer to that of Xavier and Magneto’s rather than comic-book boyfriend Scott Summers.  Singer is a producer on X-men: First Class and has also been involved with the writing process.  Could Emma’s presence be a hold over from an earlier X-movie?  A rival school perhaps? A love interest?  Sure I would prefer Moira Mactaggart, or Gabrielle Haller, but Emma could be an interesting twist of canon.  After years of nitpicking, I’ve finally been able to enjoy the movie-verse for what it is.  As long as the characters keep the essence of the comics, I’m willing to overlook some changes.  For me, Origins Emma didn’t, and I’ll gladly overlook the error in movie canon to have her portrayed as the strong, independent, and rather bitchy character she should be. 

Finola Hughes as Emma Frost in Generation X

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